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Raj Bhog Recipe / Kesar Rasgulla

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Sweet recipes; Learn Raj Bhog Sweet Recipe step by step at home I Let’s watch how to make rajvog mishti recipe I Kesar Rasgulla Recipe

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you Raj Bhog Sweet recipe/ Kesar Rasgulla Recipe.

Ingredients : Raj bhog Recipe

For making chhena balls

3 cup chhena

6 tsp cornflour

1/4 tsp green cardamom powder

18- 20 mawa balls

18-20 raisins

For making sugar syrup

2 Kg sugar

18 cup water

2 tbsp milk

For Making Rajbhog

1/4 tsp saffron

3 tsp rose water

2 cup hot water

Steps: Raj bhog Recipe

1. One day morning suddenly I noticed, milk was not so good. Because when I boiling this milk …itis getting curdled.

2. Don’t worry. I used this milk because of our present economic situation.

3. If you facing same problem, please don’t waste this milk.

4. At first strain chhena.

strain chhena for making raj bhog recipe

5. Make a smooth paste in a mixer blender

6. Add cornflour and mix well.

7. Add green cardamom powder and mix again.

make chhena paste for raj bhog recipe

8. We need small mawa balls and raisins.

filling mawa ball and raisins into each chhena ball

9. Now filling one mawa ball and one raisin into each chhena ball.

10. Now take a vessel on the flame. Add sugar and water.

11. When sugar is melted add milk in it to remove the impurities of sugar.

12. Stir the syrup in-between.

13. As the froth appears on the surface of the sugar syrup, take it out in a bowl with the help of a spatula. After removing the froth, sugar syrup will become very clean.

14. Add saffron soaked rose water, add chhena balls.

15. After 10 minutes boiling add hot water.

16. Cover on high flame for 10 minutes

17. Add hot water again

18. Cover on low medium flame for 5-6 minutes.

19. Off the flame.

Raj bhog recipe

20. After few minutes keep aside.

Serving suggestions : Serve as dessert

Serve : 4

Preparation time : 55 minutes

Active time : 40 minutes

Courses : Dessert

Cuisine : Indian (Bengali Sweet Recipe )

Estimated cost : Rs 200 /

Equipments : strainer, mixer grinder, mixing bowl, plate, spoon, ladle, vessel

Nutrition status :

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