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Doi Bora Chat Recipe : Dahi Vada I Dahi Bhalle

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street food Recipes; Learn Doi Bora chat recipe step by step at home I Let’s watch how to make bengali style dahi bhalle

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you soft tasty dahi bara with new tricks and tips. / How to make
dahi vada /dahi valla/ Dahi Bhalle recipe step by step at home / Doi Bora Recipe Bangla video

Ingredients : Doi Bora Chat Recipe

urad dal paste : doi bora chat recipe

For making urad dal paste

1 cup urad dal

1tsp ginger paste

2 medium green chilies

1/2 tsp salt

Dry roasted masala powder

dry roast masala for making doi bora chat recipe

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2 dry red chilies

Tamarind sweet chutney

Refined oil for deep fry

400g Curd / Yogurt

1/2 tsp black salt powder



dal paste

1. At first wash and strain urad dal.

2. Then soak in water for 6 – 7 hours

3. Next day drained off water and take urad dal in a mixer jar

4. Add ginger paste, green chilies and salt

5. Make a smooth paste

6. On the other side heat a tawa. Dry roast cumin seeds and whole dry red chilli

7. Make a dry roast masala powder

8. Now take urad dal paste and beat well till light in weight

9. Now heat refined oil for deep fry

10. Fry all bora / vada on low medium flame till golden brown color

11. After frying, keep aside these vada into a separate bowl and then soak these vada into plain water for some times.

12. Now take serving plates, arrange vada at first.

13. Add beaten curd and sprinkle black salt powder

14. Add sweet tamarind chutney

15. Spread dry roasted masala powder and sev and serve

Doi bora chat recipe

Serving suggestions : Serve as chat / snacks

Serve : 4

Preparation time : 7 hr 15 min

Active time : 30 minutes

Courses : Chat / Snacks

Cuisine : Indian

Estimated cost : Rs 60 /

Equipments : Mixer blender, whisker, mixing bowl, bowl, non stick wok, ladle, strainer, spoon, mortar pestle

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