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Chaltar Chutney Recipe I Elephant Apple

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Chutney recipes; Learn Chaltar Chutney Recipe step by step at home I Let’s watch how to make chaltar chutney recipe I Elephant Apple Recipe

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you chaltar chutney recipe (elephant apple recipe).

Ingredients : Chaltar Chutney Recipe

elephant apple for making chaltar chutney recipe

2 medium chalta / elephant apple

4 tsp mustard oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

2 cup water

250g sugar

1 cup grated coconut

2 tbsp poppy paste

(1/2 tsp all purpose flour / maida +

1/4 cup water = mixture)


crushed chalta for making chaltar chutney recipe

1. Clean medium sized chalta / elephant apple and peel off.

2. Cut into long pieces and crush with mortar pestle.

3. Now heat mustard oil in a nonstick wok. .

4. Fry crushed chalta on medium flame for 10 minutes.

5. After that add salt and turmeric powder.

6. Mix well and add water

7. Add sugar and cover on low medium flame for 10 minutes

8. If boiled, add grated coconut and poppy seeds paste.

9. Add all purpose flour (maida) – water mixture.

10. When thick keep in cool place and serve during end of the lunch or with roti / paratha

Serving suggestions : Serve with roti/ paratha or during end of the lunchtime.

Serve : 4

Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Active Time: 15 minutes

Courses: Lunch

Cuisine: Bangladeshi

Estimated Cost: Rs. 60/

Equipment: Non stick wok, ladle, spoon, bowl, mortar pestle, knife

Nutrition facts:

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